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PAR 5 512 yds 492 yds 461 yds 433 yds 398 yds

Number 1 - Drives should favor the right of the fairway. Your second shot will want to be to the left side of the fairway to give a good look at this two tiered green. A shot on the proper level will leave a good birdie putt.


PAR 4 437 yds 423 yds 402 yds 375 yds 344 yds

Number 2 - A good drive is a must to score well here. You will have a good run at birdie if you keep the ball below the hole on your approach on this back to front sloping green.

PAR 3 192 yds 179 yds 168 yds 147 yds 118 yds

Number 3 - A deep narrow green with bunkers left and right requires a precise iron shot.  A good sloping green from back right to front left will challenge the best of putters.  Par is a good score here.
PAR 4 420 yds 400 yds 389 yds 366 yds 336 yds

Number 4 - This dogleg right will require a long iron or fairway wood for most players off the tee.  Second shots will require an extra club to this uphill green.  Beware if the false front; shots landing on the front of the green will roll back into the fairway.


PAR 4 387 yds 351 yds 334 yds 316 yds 282 yds

Number 5 - A fairway wood or long iron to the left side of the fairway will give a good view of this two-tiered green.  An approach shot to the proper level will ensure a good run at birdie.
PAR 3 166 yds 156 yds 140 yds 131 yds 114 yds

Number 6 - This beautiful par three calls for a proper club selection.  Missing this green to the right will leave a tough up and down.
PAR 4 328 yds 294 yds 276 yds 261 yds 236 yds

Number 7 - A properly placed tee shot with a long iron or fairway wood should leave a short iron or wedge into this shallow green with bunkers short and long.
PAR 4 483 yds 439 yds 413 yds 388 yds 388 yds

Number 8 - Davis Love III's favorite hole will demand a strong drive aimed at the left side fairway bunker.  This will leave a long iron approach into this green guarded by bunkers left and right. Par is a great score here.
PAR 5 552 yds 509 yds 460 yds 423 yds 423 yds

Number 9 - You will do well to keep your drive up the right center of the fairway.  Second shots should favor the left hand side of the fairway to provide a good look at this green.  Missing to the right side will demand a deft touch to save par.
PAR 4 470 yds 438 yds 413 yds 386 yds 284 yds

Number 10 - This tough par four calls for a solid drive to the right center of the fairway.  Approach shots should avoid the left side, as well as stay below the hole, as this green slopes from back to front.
PAR 3 196 yds 181 yds 166 yds 151 yds 151 yds

Number 11 - This hole plays uphill so make sure you have enough club to carry the ball well past the front of the green.  Shots that do not clear the front usually roll back into the fairway.
PAR 4 386 yds 360 yds 341 yds 298 yds 298 yds

Number 12 - This hole plays a lot longer than its yardage.  Make sure you have plenty of club into this two-tiered, false fronted green.
PAR 4 456 yds 422 yds 404 yds 391 yds 391 yds

Number 13 - A great driving hole, let it rip on this downhill tee shot.  Your approach should avoid the right side as a bunker and water hazard await wayward shots.
PAR 5 522 yds 500 yds 436 yds 396 yds 396 yds

Number 14 - Drives must find the fairway in order to have a good chance to clear the ravine in two.  Make sure approach shots clear the false front of this well bunkered green.
PAR 4 368 yds 336 yds 303 yds 284 yds 284 yds

Number 15 - A well placed fairway wood or long iron will leave a short iron or wedge into this sculpted green.  Long is the play as short shots will find the hazard in front of the green.
PAR 5 618 yds 574 yds 548 yds 521 yds 487 yds

Number 16 - Drives will want to find the left side of the fairway to avoid all trouble down the right.  Second shots played to the right hand side of the fairway will take bunkers out of play on you approach.  Three good shots should ensure a par.
PAR 3 179 yds 156 yds 135 yds 114 yds 97 yds

Number 17 - This beautiful par three will require that a shot finds the right tier, this will leave a good chance for birdie.  The only danger here is the bunkers long and short.
PAR 4 435 yds 402 yds 372 yds 334 yds 334 yds

Number 18 - A long iron or fairway wood is the play off this tee; drivers will find the bunkers or hazard down the hill.  Second shots should avoid the left side of the green, as this will challenge any short game.

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